born. 1983, Los Angeles. CA. 

my first camera: Nikon FM2 + 50mm f=1.8

All my images here are 'downloadable'. It's approximately 1MB and its easy to steal. Take it. Feel free to pin up on your wall. ***FREE Downloads coming soon*** (Large file). 

I was born in LA. Los Angeles, where chicanos, whites n' blacks and the asians mingle in the traffic of the 405 to the 101. Los Angeles was designed to use cars. I grew up knowing mainly car windows, watching the world go by through a glass. 

Feel free to contact me as I am wandering around sometimes. I am free to photograph freaks alike. 

I went to NY as a student. I was found (literally) on the street by master photographer Dahlen. Then I worked for Pulitzer photographer David Turnley. My industry training completed when Chris Goodney, the last boy from Arnold Newman, taught me all about lights. 

I am a photographer. 

I'm up for any new projects, assignments, test shoots, etc....

Please email me at: